The Joy Mead 'Rules'
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The Joy Mead Gardens Rules from 1922

When the Joy Mead Gardens were initially created by the Agnew family in 1922, they published a set of rules which were to be adhered to by all users of the gardens. As owners of the gardens, they would have expected these rules to be obeyed and respected, and transgression would have had dire implications as the Agnews had considerable standing in the local community.

We would like to think they are as relevant today as they were then, and so here they are:



in the county of Northampton
For the Regulation of the

Known as


The Recreation Grounds Act 1859.

No unauthorised person shall do any of the following acts on the Recreation Ground that is to say:-

1. Cut pluck injure or destroy any tree bush shrub or flower growing thereon.

2. Dig cut or remove any sod turf loam sand gravel or other substance thereon or therefrom.

3. Light any fire or wilfully carelessly or negligently do any act which may cause or be likely to cause damage by fire to anything growing or being thereon.

4. Wilfully carelessly or negilently deposit or leave thereon or on any part thereof any rubbish brick manure or other substance or material whatsoever.

5. Bleach or place out to dry any article or thing.

6. Beat carpets.

7. Catch or trap any bird or lay or place any trap for the taking of birds eggs or nest or shoot or chase or disturb any game or other animal.

8. Cause or suffer any horse pony mule ass bull ox cow calf heifer steer sheep lamb goat hog or sow belonging to him or in his charge to enter or go thereupon.

9. Encamp thereon or erect or place thereon any booth tent shed stand screen post rail fence swing chair or seat ( other than a camp stool or other portable chair or seat) or other erection or obstruction of any kind whatsoever or make any enclosure of any part thereof.

10. Carelessly negligently or wilfully injure deface or remove any seat notice or notice board post chair railing fence barrier or other thing which may be from time to time erected or placed thereon by or by the authority of the managers.

11. Post or paint any bill placard or notice thereon or on any fence erection or tree thereon.

12. Paint write cut or carve or in any manner inscribe letters figures or marks upon or otherwise disfigure any rock tree or any wall or fence or other structure or erection on the Recreation Ground.

13. Brawl fight use indecent language or act in an indecent disorderly or offensive manner.

14. Climb any tree thereon.

15. Sell or let for hire any article or distribute any bill or like thing or place any chair or seat for hire without the consent in writing of the managers.

16. Deliver or read any public speech lecture prayer sermon address of any kind or sing any sacred or secular song or enter into any public discussion without the consent in writing of the managers.

17. Play or make sounds on any musical instrument without the consent in writing of the managers.

18. Wilfully interfere with or obstruct the authorised use of the Recreation Ground or wilfully obsruct any officer of the managers in the execution of his duty or in the proper execution of any work in connection with the laying out planting improvement or maintenance of the Recreation Ground.

19. Do aid in or abet any act or thing which may not in these Bye-laws be specifically mentioned and which may tend to the injury or disfigurement of the Recreation Ground or to interfere with the use thereof by the public for the purposes of exercise and recreation.

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